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Rules of the C22Gaming Community

Postby CLGREEN » Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:28 am

Rules of the C22Gaming Community and Supported Servers

By signing into any domain you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

Not following the rules may result in a permanent ban, no matter how small or large the offense is.
We do not tolerate breaking rules or attempts to sidestep the spirit of the rules.
Some Mods or Admins are more forgiving or harsher than others.
If you are banned, you may file an appeal in the game area that you was banned from on the forums.

Forums, TeamSpeak, and Non-specified Games.

    Be respectful to all players and staff. No slurs, verbal / physical harassment, or personal attacks will be tolerated. This includes comments against ethnicities, affiliations, or systems of belief. While cursing is acceptable, excessive cursing is forbidden.

    Server and TeamSpeak abuse is prohibited. Using the TeamSpeak or C22Gaming servers for groups or purposes other than their supported and designated purposes is forbidden. If you require a new forum section or TeamSpeak channel, contact the appropriate administrator on the forums or TeamSpeak.

    Advertising competitive services is prohibited. We, the community, work hard to create a fun and desirable atmosphere for all members. Advertising other servers, TeamSpeak information, and / or gaming communities is harmful to our development and thus forbidden.

    Hacking of any form in ANY server while using our tag is forbidden. This will result in a full community ban, we don't want hackers or to be associated with hackers.

    Use a single user name. We require that you use the same name for your forum and TeamSpeak account that you use for your game account.

    "Push to Talk" is a TeamSpeak Requirement. You must enable push to talk on your account while on our TeamSpeak server. You can follow the handy guide to downloading and setting up your TeamSpeak client HERE.
We strive to provide a drama free server that hosts fun events and games for the community. We train our staff to deal with problems in a fair but stern manor. To this end, we will kick / ban you should you choose to disrespect our rules or community.

As with any Gaming server(s), we log all in-game chat actions including (but not limited to) any inputted commands, private messages, LWC passwords, alternate accounts and all player IPs. and the Forums collect standard HTTP logs (which contain your IP, the file you requested, your user agent, and HTTP status/error information), as well as additional logs on the forums (containing your IP, email, username, posts, PMs and more). Our Teamspeak server collects your IP address, and displays the flag of the country of origin based on that IP address. We do not sell any of the personal information we collect, and it is only collected for internal usage. Any of the information we collect will not be publicized except the information determined necessary as evidence in settling a dispute between players and/or staff. C22Gaming staff reserves the right to use any information to report illegal actions to the proper "IRL" authorities.
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