Please read ALL the information below before donating!

We accept donations to cover costs associated with running the c22Gaming community. Our costs come from dedicated server hosting, website hosting, domain names, forums, software/hardware and their upgrades, teamspeak, etc.

If you have any problems or questions please email us at the following:

This community exists solely due to your generous contributions. Thanks to your support, we have no advertisements or sponsorship.
Please note: (BuyCraft is for Minecraft ONLY! You will NOT receive anything if you do not have a Minecraft account. If you DO have a MC account you must be logged into MC and on the server, when you buy your package. If you wish to donate and you do not have a Minecraft account or do not wish to use BuyCraft then please use the Paypal button below.)
If you'd like to donate some money, click the link below:Donate to C22!Note: This will take you to our host provider's page which will pay to them. They in turn put it into the C22 coffers. These funds can only be used for services from NFO.

When you donate paypal gives you a small box to type an optional message, PLEASE include your in-game name and game server so we know who donated!
Also, you can send your in-game info + in-game tag you want to More information below.

Information for our main Donate packages:

Please note: Due to the way BuyCraft works we can't process some of the things we offer automatically, so we have to do them by hand.

When you have selected your options that you require, there are a few thing that we need to do it by hand. (e.g Custom tag, 'Exchange' plot, staff member for a set time & Custom Items). You WILL need to email us with your In-game name & the items along information you would like. We will do our best to get the request done within 24h of your emailing being received.

(The is no promise or assurance that it will be done in 24h it could take longer depending on how many requests we get along with how busy staff gets at the time. )

If there is a problem or we need more information form you we will email you from email address shown below. Please do NOT send a forum PM please email us.

You can email:

Payment agreement:

We appreciate and recognize all those generous enough to donate to the server! However, we expect that donors give without expectation of compensation. As a result, is not bound to any action or promise of action with regards to any donor. Donations to are not for an exchange of goods or services. Donations are to be used for the community at the discretion of the owners. Rewards given to donors may be denied or revoked at any time, without justification or notification.